Losing a beloved animal friend stirs these questions and many more:

              “What Happens to My Dog After He Dies?

   Can I Connect With Her On The Other Side?



                 Will I Ever See My Cat Again?

Will He Return to Me?  How Will I Know Him?


The loss of a much-loved dog, cat, horse, parrot or other is painful and leaves an empty spabrighthorse.jpgce in your heart and in your home that you are acutely aware of for a very long time.  You want to know if he or she is ok, what he’s doing, where he is and if you will ever be with him again.  You wonder if she misses you as much as you miss her.  Life may seem overwhelming or unbearable without his or her familiar loving purr, lick or warm body for comfort.                                


Every animal lover has had questions about whether their animal friends have life on the other side and what that might be like.  Losing an animal companion is painful yet the truth is that their life spans are much shorter than ours, and so the loss of an animal companion is just about inevitable in our lifetime. 

Finally, You Can Discover the Answers

To Your Questions

Animals After Life -In Spiritexplores the animals’ experience of dying and the new life they move into.  This Audio Set will remove some of the mystery around the animal spirit world and give you information about death, dying and what happens after that  -  from the animals themselves.

o        do animals fear death?

o        do they want help leaving?

o        where do they go and does anyone meet them?

o        can our beloved animals visit us?

o        why do some animals die so young?   


Do Animals Have Souls?

doves.jpgHave you wondered if animals have souls or if maybe they can come back to you - do you question the possibility of reincarnation?  

Do pets even go to Heaven?   

Or will they wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge? 

And who takes care of them when they leave you?


Are There Such Things as

Soul Agreements or Soul Contracts?

Have your ever been amazed at the strange way an animal has arrived in your life?   Do you suspect your current animal friend may have been “sent” by a previous animal?  Have you found odd “coincidences” around the roles animals play in your life, and the timing of the things that happen?

Can You Connect With Your

Animal Friend in Spirit?

Is it really possible to stay connected with your animal after he or she has left his body?  Do you wish you could connect with him on The Other Side?  Would this help heal your sadness and grief after losing your friend?


What if you could communicate

with Your Animal Friend In Spirit ...

If you could understand his experience...

Even if you've never had any

animal communication training...





About Sue

I’m animal communicator and consultant  Sue Becker.  As well 

as  having  worked  professionally  with  animals  for  15 years sue.hoss.1.jpg

and having connected with thousands of animals in spirit, I am the fourth generation (at least) in my family to have experiences connecting with beings in spirit on the Other Side. 

I’ve put together this incredible audio set to share with you both what I’ve drawn from my own experiences and what the animals have told me from spirit.  I know it will bring comfort and even amazement for you who love your animal families so very much!  Our hearts and their hearts are truly intertwined on a very deep and profound level.



This Audio Set is Packed with Information for You

Here is just part of what you’ll get on Four 30-minute audios (MP3’s):

ü   Heart-warming, moving stories of animals’

     messages to their people

ü   8 kinds of work that animals may do on the Other Side

ü   7 signs that your animals may send you

ü   How to honor your animal friend who has  passed

ü    A meditation to help you recognize your animal friend if and when he returns

ü   7 easy ways you can connect with your animal friend in spirit, even without any animal communication training


ü   11 questions and exercises to help you clarify and give meaning to your own experience with animal death







You Can Enjoy this Program

    Online from the Comfort of Home, on Your Own Schedule and with No Telephone Calls to Make

The Program Overview


Module #1


Introduction and Animals Leaving This World


ü    Why death is so mysterious

ü    Animals preparing to leave

ü    Leaving in road accidents

ü    Teachings

ü    Giving our blessing

ü    How animals view death

ü    Animals who die young

ü    A story of the amazing synchronicities of life and death

ü    3 Questions for You





Module #2


Lessons and Life on The Other Side


ü    More lessons and amazing stories

ü    What is it like for them to leave?

ü    Do animals have help?

ü    Physical manifestations

ü    Where do they go?

ü    What is it like there?  What do animals do there?

ü    The Rainbow Bridge - Fact or Fantasy?

ü    2 Questions for You




Module #3




Animal-In-Spirits’ Relationship With Us

                        & The Nature of the Soul



ü    Can animals see us?  Do they miss us?

ü    Do our animal friends visit us?

ü    Signs from our friends in spirit

ü    A beloved cat returns

ü    Messages from the Other Side

ü    About Souls

ü    4 Questions for You



Module #4


Agreements, Life Purpose and Reincarnation


ü    Agreements and Sacred Contracts

ü    Soul Groups

ü    Life Purpose

ü    Will They Return?

ü    Will You Recognize Him or Her?

ü    A Meditation for Recognition

ü    7 Ways You Can Connect with Your Animal in Spirit

ü    2 Questions for You

ü    The Animals’ Promises To Us





My No-Hassle Guarantee To You

Take your time to listen to and enjoy the Animals After Life - In SpiritAudio Set. 

If you are not completely satisfied, just let me know within 7 days of your purchase, and I’ll send you a complete refund - no questions asked.


The Animals After Life-In Spirit 4-Volume Audio Set

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until close of Wednesday, February 18th, 2015




Download as MP3s and keep them always.  You'll want to listen to them more than once because they hold so much information and have so many answers that you'll not hear everything the first time listening.



     Your Audio Set link will arrive in your Inbox 

within 24 hours of ordering.





You'll enjoy this set so much and you’ll love all the beautiful animals’ messages, their teachings and the incredible stories that they share.

This set is also a thoughtful and loving gift for a friend or family member who is suffering the loss of and grieving a beloved animal companion.

If you think you may want this information anytime in the future, it just makes sense to take advantage of this offer right now and download the audios so you can keep them always and listen to them whenever you wish.


Love and many blessings,



Painted by Margery Spielman

                                                                                                                                                                                     Copyright Sue Becker 2013