Animal Courses


Sue offers many courses via telephone and internet ("telecourses").  These are courses you attend by telephone or over the internet.  Phone numbers local to major centers are provided to minimize or in most cases eliminate completely any long distance costs to you.  These local numbers are available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia.


The Telecourses will be held for one hour each week and in many cases, you'll receive practice exercises to work on between classes.


Classes are interactive with Sue and the group.  Just like an in-person class - except you can attend from the comfort of home with no travel time or expense.


Check back often for updates.




Coming in September 2014


Animal Communication, Level 2 Telecourse (8 weeks starting September 3rd)


Animal Communication - Level 1 Telecourse (8 weeks starting September 22nd)


Coming in October 2014

 Please check back.