About Sue


I’ve loved animals and have felt close to them for as long as I can remember, admiring the intelligence and magnificence of these creatures so tuned in to the wisdom of the Universe.  My love affair includes all of Nature - the trees and grasses, clouds and rocks -and as a child I would spend hours communing with, even just watching, the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and butterflies that visited my yard (and I still do!)  On my way to school, I would make ‘heart’ and eye contact with all the cats in their front yards, on porches and in windows, sending them silent, loving greetings.  I would relay quiet greetings to the birds in the trees.



My childhood home life was shared with cats and a dog, canaries, budgies and other birds, fish and turtles.  Later, along came more cats and another dog, newts, fiddler crabs, frogs and a horse.  Always fascinated and always admiring, I could feel their feelings and just ‘knew’ what they wanted to tell me.  My very best friend as a child was my grey tabby cat boy Nu-Nu, an extraordinary ‘heart-cat’ master teacher who taught me just how incredibly wise and loving cats can be, and he was responsible for initiating my life-long love affair with fascinating felines.  Thankfully when I was 13 years old I was able to save NuNu's life by hearing him tell me that he was in big trouble with a urinary blockage (from crystals), and he was sent promptly to the vet.  Examination revealed he was one hundred percent plugged up, a condition that would have been fatal within about 24 hours.


Many years later another very special grey tabby came into my life.  I brought Ashley home at a young age from my uncle’s farm where he was a semi-feral barn kitten. Ashley was another ‘heart-cat’, my best friend, my comforter and confidante.  We were joyful friends and although I protected him fiercely as best I could, at age 14 he was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma, a deadly cancer.  I had known for months that there was something seriously out of place with Ashley, but several trips to the vet turned up nothing. Through his journey of illness, Ashley taught me so many things. Desperate to save him, I relentlessly researched natural and complementary healing methods and tried to switch him to a raw diet.  He rallied for a short while yet ultimately succumbed, always attentive and always loving until the end. In his last days he whispered secrets to me and our relationship deepened incredibly.

Although Ashley had moved on, he set me on my journey researching natural health and healing methods for animals.  I learned so much from Ashley during his illness: how his vaccinations caused his illness to accelerate, how peacefully he accepted his transition and looked for it without fear or concern.  I learned how to make raw cat food, how to use homeopathic remedies, supplements and so much more.  It became apparent to me that illness stems from stressors in our lives -  from our unbalanced emotions - and I wanted to discover ways to help animals release tension, fear and stress.  I wanted to find out how to care for all the animals who would enter my life so that this would never happen again. It became my business to learn what constitutes truly healthy food, healthy water and healthy environment.  And even more – I wanted to share what I had learned to help other animals be as healthy and happy as they could be



My journey led me to the Bach Flower RemediesTM which balance negative emotional states and Tellington TTouchTM which increases confidence and helps animals (and humans) release stress and residual trauma from their bodies.  These holistic and gentle natural methods of healing resonated with me and I became a fully certified practitioner for both as well as for Reconnective Healing.  My training also includes all levels of therapeutic touch, color and zone therapy, sound therapy, dowsing, astrology and mediumship.



As a professional communicator and consultant I have worked with animals for over 14 years.  My animal clients number in the thousands and include cats, dogs and horses as well as rats, snakes, rabbits, elephants, goats, pigs, hamsters, many species of birds and all kinds of wild creatures!  They span the globe from Canada and  US/Hawaii to Panama, Europe, Turkey, Iran, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.    
Sharing what the animals have taught me is important and I do this through consults, workshops and telephone classes.  (Click here for workshop information.)  I've written dozens of articles about my work with several appearing in Animal Wellness Magazine, Vitality Magazine and Feline Wellness Magazine along with many other publications.  (Many of these will be posted on this site shortly, please check back.)


Over the years I've taught many hundreds of students and some have gone on to become successful  professional animal communicators.  Some are also teaching now and so I'm very proud to be a Teacher of Teachers! 

My Workshops and Audio products cover the full range of Animal Communication, from Preparation for Animal Communication, Levels 1, 2 and 3 and coming soon, the Professional Communicator Course.

Litter Box Solutions and All About Pet Foods are 1 to 1-1/2 hour audios that give you everything you need to know about these topics.

And my most recent audio set, Animals After Life - In Spirit will answer many questions, and delight and move you with fascinating information and many profound stories from, and of, the animals.

TTouch_workshop.jpgI also teach in-person Tellington TTouch one and two day Workshops, and coming soon - a home study course of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals.

Also offered intermittently are many teleclasses including Thunderstorms, Fireworks - Help For Your Dog Now and Wisdom from the Wild.

If you would like to try out your animal communication skills, or practice and fine-tune on an ongoing basis, click here to read about The Amazing Animal Communication Practice Group - unsurpassed for the variety of species we work with, practice opportunities and group coaching and mentoring.   There is also Individual Mentoring available for those wishing to overcome certain blocks and for those who are serious about their animal communication path - read more here.


 Every single day the animals demonstrate wisdom and compassion in their role as teachers and healers.  And every single day they delight me, and teach me and their humans something new about the possibility of all of us living a more loving, more present and more joyful existence on this planet together.

 My current animal companions include feline teachers Figaro, Hoss, Aleysha and Flash, many fishes of the gold and tropical variety and two very friendly and enthusiastic frogs out in the pond.