WELCOME to the website of Sue BOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAecker, BFRP, BFRAP, CTTP, Animal Communicator and Consultant.  Here you will read about holistic wellness and deep interspecies connections for a fuller understanding of our magnificent animal friends.

I’m an animal communicator, and I’m also a consultant.  You will always receive that extra step as part of your consultation.   If you’re having problems understanding why your animal friend is behaving, reacting or responding the way he or she is, I can help.  I can ask him or her questions and get answers, relay messages for you and provide counselling to your animal friends if needed.  I will make sense for you what’s going on, AND you’ll also receive the information, tools and resources you can use to help your animal be happier, find stronger balance and be a great family member!  Your connection and understanding of each other will improve and your relationship will deepen in leaps and bounds through this process. 

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